All schools have their own values. Here we present a brief section of the school's specific profile and the intentions and values the school "lives and breathes", Langeland School values are:

In a broad professional spectrum, we give particular art, music and theater to our creative meeting places. Here we will inspire the development of the individual student's grades and ability to express themselves. The meeting between the individual and community is central to school life. Therefore, equality, democracy and the spirit of conversation with clear clues in our daily lives with each other.

We are starting with the adult education and general education school tradition. With presence in the local and global awareness, we seek to develop our school. We will challenge the whole person, so that the individual is found in his body, his emotional life and in its ability to assess, decide and take initiative. Thus, based on the individual's school readiness and courage to express themselves in creative and inquiring into a binding together. A community which in turn must be confidence-building and inclusive.

Text translated from the school website